California-based food company Ready Pac is introducing a new and healthy snack to the market. This new snack, “100% Fresh Fruit Parfaits,” is a combination of yogurt, granola and fresh-cut fruit.

Research has shown that out of all product categories in the supermarket, yogurt has had one of the strongest improvements in terms of sales. Yogurt is just one of the snacking categories and it is one that continues to grow even more in the succeeding years. To take advantage of this increasing trend, Ready Pac has created these fruit parfaits to provide consumers with more healthy options in the snacking category.

These fruit parfaits are made from low fat, creamy vanilla yogurt, 100% fresh-cut seasonal fruits, and sweet crunchy granola. Snackers can choose from four varieties: mango, pineapple, blueberry, and apple. The fruit parfaits are packed in a Ready Pac-designed propriety retail pack, keeping the components fresh. The quality and freshness of the product is retained for a long time because the components of the parfait are packed in separate compartments. In this way, consumers can also decide on how they want the ingredients mixed. To make the product more appealing to consumers, bright and bold graphics are used on the packaging. This will also help draw customers’ attention to the product display shelves.

According to Ready Pac’s Marketing Director Tristan Kieva, the company’s goal is to offer consumers with solutions that are not only convenient, but those that exceed expectations as well. The new fruit parfaits are not only healthy and great tasting they are also very portable.

“Ready Pac 100% Fresh Fruit Parfait” is available in retail stores nationwide for $2.99 per 8-ounce pack and $3.99 per 12-ounce package.