Grocery ChatterApplication developer Flixoft has released a new iPhone application called Grocery Chatter™. This new application is free and can be downloaded at the iTunes Applications Store.

The Grocery Chatter application is social-driven and allows shoppers to do a comparison of local shops before finally buying the item. This new iPhone application offers consumers a new medium for communication regarding product histories, trends and deals.

Once a grocery shopper scans the item’s barcode using the iPhone, the application then presents them with product reviews of the scanned product. The app user can also use it to post a product review or do price comparisons between local stores. The user can also use it to add the scanned grocery item to their Gadget’s grocery shopping list. With the use of the Grocery Chatter, the shopper can also share details of the product on their social networking sites like Facebook, Google Buzz or Twitter.

According to Flixoft’s Chief Executive Officer, Anatoliy Babayev, the Grocery Chatter application allows the shopper to research many grocery store options. The application works well with the app Grocery Gadget, thus helping shoppers save time, effort and money when grocery shopping. All items that are added to the Grocery Gadget application through Grocery Chatter are automatically synched with the shoppers list, which is stored in a portal found at

Currently, Grocery Chatter is only compatible with iPhone, however Flixoft is currently working on making a similar application that will work with other smart phones like Android, Nokia and Blackberry.