United Supermarkets LLC unveiled a new Market Street logo this week. The logo features the Texas state fruit, the grapefruit, and a spoon intersecting its design. This representation is a show of the gourmet food offerings that the company prepares. The company has been having a big brand initiative started last year. The logo also has two typefaces, which United Supermarkets says represents their “gourmet” and “everyday” offerings, which is a reflection of their product range.

The unveiling of the log0 was done on Wednesday through an event and revealed the logo at the retailer’s newest location in Lubbock, Texas, which is set to open on January 9.

United Supermarkets hopes to make the supermarket chain more competitive in the retail business. They have been introducing new formats and stores to provide items that are relevant to their customers. The supermarkets officials said that the logo is to represent Market Street’s different offerings and uniqueness. The stores will feature organic and healthy foods, everyday basics, gourmet ingredients and fresh food that the management promises are spectacular and unique to Market Street.

The grocery chain, based in Lubbock, Texas, is family owned and has 51 store locations in Texas with 4 distinct formats. The formats that it operates under are United Supermarkets, United Express, Amigos United and Market Street. The chain is continuing with its brand strategy and will be unveiling changes in their strategy even for their other retail brands. United Supermarkets, as well as other not very large retailers are faced with tough economic times. They are receiving stiff competition from the likes of Wal-Mart and also other increasingly popular specialty stores in the U.S. market.