British brand Mr Kipling has recently introduced a new product to the UK market. This new range of products is collectively known as Mr Kipling Puddings.

These newly launched puddings from Mr Kipling come in five varieties: Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Sticky Toffee and Golden Syrup. The sponge puddings are microwaveable and are topped with a perfect sauce. The puddings will be ready to eat after popping them in the microwave for just 50 seconds. Mr Kipling puddings are sold in twin packs.

The market for sponge pudding in the UK is worth about £14.5 million. With the launch of these new desserts from Mr Kipling, the market is expected to grow even more. In a consumer test, it was found that about 90% of people found Mr Kipling’s sponge puddings had just the right amount of lightness and moistness. In the study, it also showed that six out of every ten households purchased at least one Mr Kipling product in the last year.

With these statistics, the company is proud to say that Mr Kipling has already become a household name when it comes to sponges and cakes. According to the company, one in every ten consumers buys both cake and ambient puddings from Mr Kipling. With the introduction of this new microwaveable sponge pudding, the company just makes sure that the popular brand remains significant for consumers in the country. The company also added that it has high hopes for this new range of puddings, as it has shown premium quality and taste when subjected to independent testing from consumers.