Food company Passion Shed has recently introduced a new range of treats to the British market. These new treats have nuts for the main ingredient, mixed with a variety of sweets to make the snack more indulgent and delicious.

Considered a gourmet snack, these nut-based treats are composed of nuts coated with either honey, yogurt or chocolate. The packaging also makes it an ideal ‘on-the-go’ snack for snack lovers of all ages. The nuts treats are packed in convenient handy bags and thus can be added to kids’ lunchboxes, or can be eaten at movie houses, or at outdoor activities like baseball games and so forth.

Passion Shed Treats’ three new varieties are:
1. Cranberries coated with yogurt and mixed with jumbo raisins, nudie peanuts and red-skinned peanuts
2. Buttons of milk chocolate mixed with peanuts, raisins and sultanas, hazelnuts, and pumpkin seeds that have been roasted and flavored with vanilla
3. Roasted almonds coated with honey and mixed with giant sultanas, juicy cherries, almonds and flame raisins

These new treats are a perfect addition to Passion Shed’s range of indulgent products. The company has already perfected a lot of nut recipes, most of which are shown in its products. Passion Shed has always been known as a brand that offers gourmet snacks and savory treats, and these new products are an addition to an already popular lineup.

Passion Shed’s nutty treats are now available for purchase from Waitrose. Suggested selling price for a bag of these nutty treats, regardless of the variety, is £1.19.