Oregon-based company Pacific Natural Foods has launched a new line of chicken soups to the US market. These soups are all organically made and are all made from organic ingredients.

Being all-organic, these chicken soups do not have chicken that has been boosted by antibiotics or hormones and are made with the use of simple and pure ingredients. The new chicken soups have a shelf-life of one year. The product is packed in an innovative, Tetra Recart packaging that is completely free from BPA. The packaging ensures that the product remains fresh and retains its homemade taste. The packaging for these chicken soups are easy to open, as it is made of paper that came from sustainably-managed sources. Pacific Natural also aims to reduce the company’s Carbon emission due to this volume-efficient and lightweight packaging.

The new organic soups are available in the following varieties: “Organic Santa Fe Style Chicken”, “Organic Chicken Noodle”, “Organic Chicken and Wild Rice”, “Organic Chicken Spinach Penne” and “Organic Minestrone with Chicken Meatballs”. All of these varieties of chicken soups have already been approved and certified to be organic products by the USDA.

According to the company’s vice president for marketing and sales Tim Ramsey, chicken soup has always been the ultimate choice when it comes to comfort food. This is why the company has put their own spin to this classic food with combining Oregon’s organic chicken with the country’s regional favorites. Pacific Natural’s new line of chicken soups are now available in food retail stores all throughout the country for a retail price to $3.49 to $3.69.