Worldwide brand Heinz has recently launched a new television commercial promoting the new “Heinz Pasta Pouches.” This new range of products are all microwaveable, which makes for a convenient meal solution.

The new television commercial aims to make people more aware about the products. More awareness of the product will increase the likelihood of more sales, which the company ultimately aims for. The TV commercial also aims to revitalize the category of pasta meals.

The new commercial runs for 30 seconds and was launched last September 5th. After the initial run, the commercial will be cut down to 10-second spots. Loose Women and X Factor are some of the commercial’s programming highlights.

The new television commercial shows how the Pasta Pouches will give every consumer “a more lively lunchtime.” The advertisement uses stop-frame animation. The animation shows how a kitchen and normal kitchen utensils come to life while a “Heinz Pasta Pouch” cooks in the microwave. The new Pasta Pouches are designed such that they provide consumers with convenience, as well as a meal alternative to the usual sandwich lunch. Added to the appeal of this product is that it contains no artificial flavours or colours, and promotes the “five-a-day principle.”

The Heinz Pasta Pouch range comes in four varieties and in 250-gram pouches. The flavours are, Creamy Mushroom and Red Pepper Sauce with Penne, Spicy Tomato and Pepperoni Sauce with Fusilli, Cheese and Tomato Tortellini in Tomato Sauce, Mediterranean Vegetable and Mascarpone Sauce with Penne.

The new television commercial expresses excitement about this new range of convenience meals and aims to capture viewers’ attention. With the promotion the product is getting through the commercial, the company hopes that the new “Heinz Pasta Pouch” range will be a huge success.