grapesPortMiami will receive a new shipment of grapes on 1st December from Peru. This is part of a novel treatment program that allows treated products to be shipped to the port directly from Peru. Cold treatment is defined as a process done on vegetables and fruits involving sustained refrigeration that is enough to eliminate pests that attack imported vegetables and fruits.

A few years ago, Peruvian products like blueberries and table grapes could only be exported to the United States through specific northeastern ports. This has changed after the inception of a new pilot program permitting refrigerated products to enter directly into PortMiami. A new trade route that goes directly to southeastern United States and Florida has opened up. The program allows offloading of grapes travelling to Florida markets directly into Miami. Consequently, this increases the shelf life of the perishables and reduces transportation and trucking costs. The product’s carbon footprint is also lowered.

The first table grape containers are scheduled to arrive on 1st December thanks to the efforts of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Prior to their departure from Peru, the products will undergo a cold treatment. It will then be distributed and sold immediately to create new efficiencies with respect to marketing time. The officials of PortMiami, together with growers, customs brokers and importers have been trying to increase Peruvian fruits’ imports to U.S. through PortMiami. The Director Designee of PortMiami, Juan Kuryla travelled with port stakeholders last month to promote the pilot program. It is clear that the program, as well as the exchange between PortMiami and Peru, is a great step for exporters and growers in Peru.