British company Impress Sandwiches has recently branched out from producing delicious sandwiches, to producing a new variety of salad offerings. These new salad products were created as a perfect accompaniment to the company’s lunchtime offerings.

The company has created five varieties of salads, which are Chicken Satay, Edamame, Traditional Ploughman’s, Smoked Salmon, Hot Roasted Chicken, and Pesto and Pasta. All of these salad varieties are packed in a completely recyclable box with the salad dressings packed separately in a lidded pot.

Impress Sandwiches’ Managing Director Andrew Pocock said that the company came up with the idea of offering salad varieties through their retail and catering operators’ customers. The customers wanted healthy options that were of good quality and were healthier than the usual high street salads that have dressings high in calories.

Impress Sandwiches has designed its new salad offerings such that customers will have the option to add how much dressing they want on the salad, thus controlling the amount of calories that they consume. This is the purpose behind separating the salad dressing from the salad itself.

For more than 20 years, Impress Sandwiches has been making different kinds of handmade sandwiches, wraps and associated products. The family has run the business independently in all the years that it has been operating. The introduction of these new offerings is proof that the company is continuing to grow and expand. Impress Sandwiches slowly but surely, diversifies its product lines in order to offer its consumers with more food choices that are of excellent quality.