CouponsA new search engine has recently been created that focuses on providing consumers with a new online shopping experience. This new search engine is called is a new search engine created by Ted Neustaedtler. Active Internet users might find the addition of a new search engine unnecessary, as there are already a number of reliable and working search engines available for them to use. According to Mr. Neustaedtler, online shopping is already painful even without wading through a number of pop-ups and advertisements. The new search engine that he has created will offer more convenience in online shopping, as it is a tool that is both easy-to-use and simple. This new search engine will not have the usual pop-ups or advertisements that existing search engines have. Also, can be used for free and does not require users to provide an e-mail address or any other information. Basically, shoppers can use the site anonymously and can search for products and online coupons freely.

Aside from the absence of advertisements and pop-ups, also offers useful features like sweepstake entries, coupon codes, products that offer free shipping and other products that are on promotion. With these features, online searchers will not have to spend as much time looking for product sales that are ongoing, as the site will filter out those promotions or sales that are already expired. Mr. Neustaedter’s main goal in creating this site is to provide online shoppers with the simplest tool to make their online shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible.