baked chickenBaking is one of the cooking methods that enhances food’s flavor and reduces cooking time. It entails the preparation of food in an airtight space. Conventionally, baking was done with a stone or wooden stove. Nowadays, there are special purpose stoves called ovens, used for baking purposes. An oven can cook food by grilling, baking, and many other techniques. There are a number of advantages associated with baked foods.

In terms of health, baked foods are considered healthy foods. This is mainly because they have a low fat content.  The baking area is often fully sealed and unless its door is opened, no heat is released outside. This stored heat is useful in the release of natural fat or energy from foods such as meat. Consequently, only a little oiling is done at the beginning to trigger the baking process.

Another advantage of baked foods is their versatility in terms of tastes. This is because such foods cook more using their own oil. If cooked with accurate temperature, time, and ingredients, baked foods are rich in flavor and very juicy. Baked foods are often more tasty and healthy when the process is carried out underground. For instance, when baking a chicken or mutton leg, it is advisable to make a hole around the item and place red-hot charcoal pieces in it prior to covering it for a specific time. This ensures that all the flavor and aroma is absorbed and preserved well. It is essential to remember that any food would often remain tasty when its flavor is preserved.