Giant discount chain Aldi is proving that it does not forget about its old stores, while it continues to put up new ones. Proof of this are the remodeling that is being done on some of the currently existing Aldi stores.

The remodeling do not just stop at putting new signage or applying new paint on the stores. Remodeling of these Aldi stores means floor-to-ceiling renovation, which will definitely cost a significant amount of money. For instance, the Aldi store located at North Clybourn Avenue in Chicago has undergone remodeling for a total cost of a million dollars. This particular Aldi store was closed for 11 weeks for remodeling and was reopened just last September 23.

Aldi did the remodeling of its older stores in order to keep up with the increasing competition from other discount stores. Among Aldi’s closest competitors include Walmart and Save-A-Lot. These major retail stores are working hard to reconnect with customers who have switched to shopping at discount stores, especially when the economic recession took a toll on almost all of the people in the United States.

Despite being known as a “small format store,” Aldi still quickly gained popularity in a short time. This is because despite the limited variety of products that it sells, the prices of goods are significantly lower as compared to prices of goods in conventional grocery stores and supermarkets. Currently, the number of Aldi stores in the United States exceeds a thousand. These stores are located in 31 of the country’s states, with 40 of them located in Chicago.