Kettle Foods LTD announced on the 3rd of August, a recall on one date code of Kettle Chips snack foods. The recalled batch may have been contaminated with plastic, which may look the same as the chips.

The plastic pieces may have been accidentally mixed with the potato crisps. As the pieces of plastic look similar to that of the real chips, it is highly likely that little kids may accidentally eat them. Ingestion of plastic products is dangerous to one’s health.

Specific information regarding the product are the following:


Product Description      Cut                Brand Name              Net Weight

Lightly Salted                   Wave               Kettle® Chips             150 grams
Salt and Pepper              Wave               Kettle® Chips             150 grams
Salt and Vinegar             Wave               Kettle® Chips             150 grams
Lightly Salted                 Regular            Kettle® Chips             150 grams

All Kettle® Chips which have been recalled have a best before date of October 29, 2011. Kettle Foods have already sent out notices explaining why the products have been recalled, as well as actions that consumers can take as soon as they find out that they have bought the affected snack food. These recall notices have already been displayed in stores that sell the product. Aside from these notices, the company has also informed the press about the recall.

Aside from the products that have been specified, no other batch of potato chips has been affected by the recall. Consumers who have bought the recalled chips can return the empty pack to the given address, indicating their name and address with the returned pack. Consumers who return the empty packs will be issued a full refund.

Kettle Foods LTD
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