Parrish And Heimbecker of CanadaParrish & Heimbecker, Ltd is a family-owned Canadian company engaged in the field of agribusiness and headquartered in Manitoba, Canada.

Two families engaged in grain trading founded Parrish & Heimbecker, Ltd over one hundred years ago. In 1909, WL Parrish of Brandon, Manitoba, joined in a partnership with Norman Heimbecker of Hanover, Ontario and began to bring their business to life.

In 1979, the company’s 70th anniversary, P&H was able to acquire the Ellison Mining Company, which is currently a division of P&H’s milling group. Ten years after, in 1989, Parrheim Foods was incorporated into the company. This incorporation allowed P&H to be established as a processor of dry beans, as well as a retailer of crops in the area of Southern Ontario. In the same year, the company also bought seven of Cook’s elevators, as well as the Glencoe Grain & Seed Company. This was also the time when P&H’s food division was formed.

In 1999, P&H was able to upgrade its elevators’ capacities, as well as its rail lines, increasing its over-all efficiency. With these improvements, the amount of time it took to produce and transport the company’s products was significantly shortened. In 2004, P&H’s flour division was increased in capacity so that it now processed about 500 tonnes everyday. It was also in the same year that the company’s feed ingredient and grain-trading divisions were merged. The merging of divisions was done by the company in order to better serve its customers.

In 2009, P&H celebrated its 100th year in the agribusiness industry. In the one hundred years that the company has been in the business, it has slowly, but steadily expanded its operations outside of Canada to various parts of the world.

P&H prides itself as a business partner with a first-class ranking. The company continues to listen to its customers in order to better their products and services and tailor their services to the customers’ needs. Over the years, P&H has diversified its operations vertically and is now committed to not only agribusiness, but the entire agri-food industry as well. Despite being in existence for more than a hundred years, it continues to be a family-owned company that works hard to meet its customers’ demands.

Headquarters: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ownership Type: Private, family-owned
Employees: More than 1,300
Geography:Canada, worldwide
Demography: Food manufacturing companies


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