pharmasavePharmasave is an independent drugstore and pharmacy retailer that was formed via a merger of Western Drug Mart and United Pharmacy, British Columbia-based pharmacy chains. The company’s head office is in Langley, British Columbia.


The history of Pharmasave dates back to 1981 when two British Columbia-based pharmacy chains merged. The chains were Western Drug Mart and United Pharmacy. The company is a cooperative that is owned and governed by the members. In the cooperation, each member store is aware of the benefits attained by being part of a big, cohesive and coordinated group of entrepreneurs. Each member of Pharmasive is entitled to benefit by being part of an organization whose profits are delivered back to the shareholder.

Another essential point to note about Pharmasive is that it is proactively involved in governmental relations in Canada. The company staff and members are popular advisors sought after by administrators. It is involved in developing and evolving different national programs and policies that affect pharmacists and general retail pharmacy. The company staff and members are officials of the Canadian Pharmacists Associations (CPHA) and Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores (CACDS). They also hold posts in different professional associations across numerous provinces. This not only influences, but it also affects the development and success of the pharmacist profession and retail pharmacy. The cooperation has more than 475 stores across nine provinces in Canada. The size range of the stores is between 300 and 15,000 feet squared.


Company headquarters: Langley, British Columbia

Ownership: Member Companies

Number of Stores: More than 475

Geography: Pacific, Central, Western, Atlantic and Ontario regions

Demography: business owners

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