Pirate Brands is a food company that is engaged in making healthy snack food products. The company has its main office in New York, USA.

Pirate Brands was started in 1987 by Robert Ehrlich in Sea Cliff, New York. Ehrlich and the other founders wanted to create snack foods that were more fun and healthier for consumers. The company’s first products were corn puffs and cheesy rice. Today, these snack products are more popularly known as Pirate’s Booty.

Pirate Brands takes pride in its products’ being all natural and baked. Its cheese puffs are not dusted with artificial ‘cheese’ powder, but are made with all natural ingredients. The company has also removed all trans fats and frying from its products, making the ingredients more simple. Also, Pirate Brands’ snack foods are free from gluten, as the snacks are made from corn meal and rice (which naturally does not contain gluten).  Pirate Brands’ snacks are also free from tree nuts and peanuts.

For more than 20 years, the company has been continuing to produce deliciously baked and fun snack foods for its customers. Pirate Brands’ products are now sold in grocery stores nationwide and on the company’s online shop, as well. Pirate Brands’ popular products are Pirate’s Booty, Potato Flyers, Smart Puffs and Original Tings.

Pirate’s Booty, the latest snack food that the company has introduced to the market, is made from rice and corn that have been extruded. These are also called hull-less popcorn.

In 2009, Pirate Brands’ snacks were given recognition by KIWI Magazine in its Kids’ Food Awards. The snacks were recognized for being natural food products that are good for kids.

In 2010, Pirate Brands’ Potato Flyers was featured in Health.com’s “Food Friday.” In the same year, Pirate Brands’ Potato Flyers Sour Cream and Onion flavor snack got the award for Best Snack. The snack product was given recognition for being the best tasting snack food that has less than 150 calories.

Currently, Pirate’s Booty is one of the more popular healthy snacks in the country. Trainers to celebrities even recommend the snack food as a healthy snack to eat for managing hunger. Pirate’s Booty was also featured by Star Magazine as a Super Bowl 2nd Quarter ‘Perfect Munch.’ It was additionanlly featured by the same magazine as the Hot Snack for February.

Headquarters: Sea Cliff, New York
Ownership Type: private
Employees: information not available
Geography:  USA
Demography: snack food consumers

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