Jewl Osco SupermarketLocal police in Buffalo Grove, Illinois were called in to a Jewel-Osco store after an incident involving Twinkies. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a customer got quite upset when he was told he could not purchase more than the pre-determined number of packs of Twinkies.

Jewel-Osco has however, not confirmed the report by the paper.

The supermarket chain did say that overall customers were excited about having the opportunity to purchase the last shipment of Twinkies before the makers of the snack goes under and sells off it’s assets.  Mike Siemienas, spokesperson for Jewel-Osco’s parent company Supervalu, said that even with the excitement, the customers were still orderly when purchasing the snacks. He added that there were a few who were upset when the stores ran out of the Twinkies, but most were very understanding.

Last week Jewel-Osco put out an announcement on the chain’s Facebook page that their Chicago-area locations would get the last shipment of Hostess Brands snacks, including Twinkies, on 11th December.

Siemienas said that Hostess Brands had contacted Jewel-Osco about the maker’s dwindling inventory. Jewel-Osco then decided to take advantage of the offer and take it. He also added that the Chicago area had always welcomed Twinkies, and the retailer knew that the customers in the market would purchase the snacks with excitement, given this being their final chance to buy the snack products.

Twinkies maker Hostess Brands announced that the company would be selling off its brands to the highest bidder. The snack maker was forced to continue with plans to sell after it failed to come to an agreement with union demands.