Price Choppers Supermarkets has recently partnered with the American Pharmacists Association in helping to improve the care for diabetic sufferers all over the country.

The supermarket chain is one of only twenty-five supermarket chains all over the country, and the first in New York to be chosen as a partner by the organization in its project called IMPACT: Diabetes. The project’s main goal is to improve the care for diabetics. The supermarket’s pharmacies currently lead the community of Schenectady County in working for this project. Price Chopper has created a complete program that is centered in diabetes care. Included in this program is its HealthyU and AdvantEdge education programs for diabetes. These signature programs have helped consumers save $2 million and more since it was created and first implemented in the year 2010.

For those looking for nutritional guidance, the supermarket also has NuVal, which is a point-of-purchase system for obtaining nutritional value. Through IMPACT: Diabetes, the supermarket’s pharmacies will be able to partner with the Capital District Doctor’s Health Plan to spread these programs out and improve the care for people disproportionately suffering from diabetes. Another goal of IMPACT: Diabetes is to raise the percentage of diabetics who comply with the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, commonly known as HEDIS. Meeting the HEDIS also improves the patients’ blood pressure, hemoglobin A1c and cholesterol. This can be achieved through pharmacists who provide education and training to its customers.

According to Vincent Mainella, Vice President for Price Chopper Pharmacy, the company is eager to start the project. He also added that the company is confident that this collaboration will result in an overall positive outcome.