Proliant Dairy, Inc. is a division of Proliant, Inc, a company engaged in the meat, dairy, biological and health industries. The company is headquartered in Iowa, USA.

The history of Proliant, Incorporated started with its founder Hans Lauridsen, a Danish immigrant living in Iowa who owned an egg and butter business.

In 1981, Lauridsen’s son and grandson evolved the business into a meat processing company. It then expanded its operations into related proteins resulting in the subsequent name change to American Meat Protein Corporation. When construction of this company’s facility was completed, beef plasma production was started.

In 1984, expansion of the company’s facility was completed. It then entered into the production of meat broths and stocks. Three years later, the company relocated to a temporary headquarters in Ames, Iowa in order to benefit from the University of Iowa’s meat laboratories for food science research facilities.

In 1989, the company’s new headquarters was completed.  The site was located in the state university’s Research Park in Ames, Iowa. In 1991, the company continued to expand and went into a partnership with California-based Hilmar Cheese Company. The partnership enabled the company to add products from dairy protein (like whey protein concentrate) to its product line. It was in the same year that the company also implemented growth in its personnel and service areas. In 1992, the company had its name shortened to just AMPC, Inc. A year after, the company’s facility in Nebraska was completed and processes that were done in the Lytton facility were transferred to the new facility. In the same year, the company established a group focusing on fractionation research. The purpose of the group was to develop a purification process for protein.

In 1995, the company started serum production at its facility in Fremont, Nebraska. The company also added lactose to its line of products. In 1996, the company began producing dehydrated meat proteins. That same year, the company’s Research and Development facility was completed.

In 1997, AMPC was able to acquire Aprocat, a Spanish meat company. With this acquisition, AMPC was able to open its headquarters in Europe. A year after, LG laboratories was completed. In 1999, the company started to develop, produce and market plasma parts. In 2000, AMPC, Inc. and all its divisions changed its name to Proliant, Inc.

The completion of the company’s facility in Melrose became the start of Proliant’s Dairy Division. In 2009, the Versilac™ state-of-the-art facility was completed.

Headquarters: Ankeny, Iowa
Ownership Type: division of Proliant, Inc.
Employees: information not available
Geography: USA and Europe
Demography: food manufacturing companies


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