Publix Foods and PharmacyLast Monday, more grocery shoppers at Publix began to take advantage of the grocery chain’s improved coupon policy by using manufacturer and competitor coupons for their purchases.

Although Publix had been accepting competitor coupons long before the policy was improved, the grocery chain did not advertise it in its stores or even on its website. Only recently has it posted (at the stores, as well as the website) that it is accepting other grocery stores’ coupons, aside from those coming from manufacturers.

Perhaps the improved coupon policy is Publix’s response to Winn-Dixes’ fuelperks! Rewards program. With fuelperks! customers get 5 cents off every gallon of gas when they purchase participating goods. These gas discounts are cumulative and have no limit on how much discount will be used for one gallon of gas.

With the new deals that grocery chains have been offering, consumers are relieved that despite the rising prices of gas and grocery items, they can still have opportunities for saving big. A number of consumers have been trying out the couponing strategies that they have learned by watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing. For instance, Dana Potgier who is a regular Publix shopper has been able to spend only $166 for $800 worth of grocery items. Potgier added that she is delighted about the grocery chain’s new coupon policy as she also has Winn-Dixie, Whole Foods and Target coupons that she can use when shopping at Publix.

For more information on Publix’s new coupon policy, just visit any Publix store in your area or the grocery chain’s website,