Ralphs Fresh FareRalphs is a major supermarket chain in Southern California, America. They sell an array of products including, meat, fish, vegetables and baked goods with the larger stores offering pharmacy products, gifts and gas facilities outside.

Originally Ralphs was a family owned grocery store started by an unemployed bricklayer and his brother, who ran the store under the name “Ralph’s Bros. Grocers” from 1873 until 1909 when the name changed to Ralph’s Grocery Company. The first Ralph’s Grocery was opened in 1911 with an additional hundred stores being opened across Southern California over the next 40 years.

The company was sold to Federated in 1968 for $60 million and was one of the first stores to get laser price scanners at the checkout points. In the 1980s, the company took a turn for the worst and only just escaped bankruptcy and spent the following decade merging with other companies in order to expand. They merged with Food-4-Less in 1994 and only 4 years later merged again with Fred Meyer Inc., which is a division of The Kroger Company umbrella.

Their current mission statement is that the customer should receive the very best, whether this is the best customer service, best quality or best price. They also share the Kroger Company motto, which is “Fresh Food…Lower Prices” aiming their products at the value shopper demographic. They have also helped the most in need in the community by donating millions to causes and charities; including relief for hurricane victims, abused women and drug prevention programs. This has given the company an edge that not many other companies have and that is a degree of humanitarianism, as well as finical stability.

The company’s customer service team can be contacted at the company headquarters at the following address: Ralphs Grocery Company, PO Box 54142, Los Angeles, California, CA 90054. Other important statistics about the company can be found listed below:

Ownership: The Kroger Company
Public / Private: Privately Owned
Mergers: Food-4-Less and Fred Meyer Inc
Number of Stores: Over 440 stores
Number of Employees: Estimated 30,000
Annual Revenue: N/A
Geography: Southern California
Demographic: Value Shoppers
Special Services: Pharmacy, Gas Station, Phone Services and Pet Insurance.

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