Raw foodSome claims indicate that the disease could be stopped and probably reversed by a raw organic vegan diet. The claim is supported by the fact that natural foods originating from the Earth have everything needed by the body to thrive and survive. Additionally, raw food has a life force that has not been destroyed by heat. Very interesting testimonials concerning raw food have been given by different people across the world. The body has a higher chance of healing at the cellular level when eliminating harmful foods from the diet, while still incorporating healthy plant-based food products. This is a clear indication that a raw food diet is in fact, more beneficial and healthier compared to cooked foods.

One of the testimonials is from Dave Conrardy, whose life changed after a change in diet. Dave was had been diagnosed with colon cancer, diabetes, and weighed 430 pounds. After learning about juicing and sprouting, he opted to take the challenge. Conrardy had cut 230 pounds from his unhealthy weight after about a year and a half. There was also a significant reduction in the disease. In barely 6 months, he was able to remove 24 medications out of the prescribed 25.

At some point prior to the diet change, his kidneys leaked proteins into the circulatory system. He was told that it was a non-reversible issue that may necessitate the use of a dialysis machine eventually. At almost a year with raw food diet, proteins were no longer leaking from Conrardy’s kidneys. Conrardy said that after six months of an organic plant-based diet, the stage one colon cancer was gone. There was no use of radiation or chemotherapy.