chobaniNinety-one UPCs of Greek yogurt products are voluntarily being recalled by Chobani Inc. This announcement was made by the United States Food and Drug Administration following reports of consumer illness. The FDA did not give the specific illness that consumers contacted after consuming the yogurt. ‘Bloating and swelling’ were also noted of the product foil lids, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

According to a message presented on Chobani’s website, some mold was detected in the yogurts by the manufacturer. The said yogurt was made in the Chobani facility in Idaho. The yogurts recalled have the best-by dates between September 11-13 and October 7-14. The IMS number for the recalled yogurts is 16 to 012. The FDA website has the complete list of the yogurt recalls. Chobani has requested customers who purchased the products to throw them away and contact them for a refund. This can be done easily through the company website.

A report by the Chicago Tribune stated that initially, Chobani had declined to issue a formal recall. Instead, the company asked yogurt retailers to remove the yogurts from shelves. The Facebook page of Chobani aired several complaints from consumers who claimed that the yogurt has mold and had a fizzy taste. A few customers also complained of stomach discomfort following consumption of the said yogurt. In the past, Chobani has shown aggressiveness in addressing the complaints raised by consumers on Facebook using personalized messages. The yogurt recall has come shortly after the company expanded their offerings for Greek yogurt. The expansion was accompanied by introduction of new flavors.

Product recalls are a means of ensuring public health safety. The products recalled are often linked to contamination, which can cause illness.