Deli SaladsReser’s has recently rolled out its enhanced formulations of the American Classic Deli Salad products. These new protein-based deli salads have an increased protein content and contain more simple ingredients, resulting in a marked improvement in the nutritional content of every deli salad serving.

Since the American Classic deli salads were introduced in 2009, this product line of Reser’s has immediately and continuously expanded in terms of variety and improvements. Varieties that have been improved include Reser’s® Tuna Salad (now contains high-quality cold water tuna), Reser’s® All-White Meat Chicken Salad (contains more shredded chicken breast meat), Reser’s® Seafood Salad (now contains more krab meat) and Reser’s® Ham Salad (an addition of light smokiness to its flavor, has lower sodium and higher protein content).

Because Reser’s prides itself as being one of the country’s supplier of leading deli salads, the company continues to strive in improving the quality of food products that it delivers to its American consumers. One of the company’s goals is to make sure that every consumer’s experience with a Reser’s product will be positive and favorable. According to Teresa Carter, category manager for Reser’s, improved merchandising and better recipes are two major factors in keeping their customers happy and satisfied. When other salad companies skimp on ingredients in order to cut costs, Reser’s does otherwise in order to ensure a better quality for their products, which will in turn help the company retain its significant customer base.

Reser’s American Classic Deli Salads (with improved protein) are now available in retail stores nationwide with a suggested price of $4.99 for every 12-ounce container.