snacksA positive feature concerning this product is its diverse flavor combinations. This makes it possible to dress up most plain foods without adding a lot of calories. These snacks contain virtually all natural ingredients. The calorie content is only 120 per a quarter cup serving. The amount of fat in a similar serving is three grams, while the fiber content is three times as much as that contained in roasted peanuts. Some of the flavors associated with this product include honey roasted, barbeque  cinnamon maple, and sea salt. With the diverse range of flavors, consumers have many options from which to choose.

These snacks need a bit of getting used to as they have an unfamiliar mealy texture and leave the mouth dry. This is especially the case when you put a bunch in your mouth at one time. It is recommended that you have your favorite beverage nearby. In addition, one should eat one at a go to minimize mouth dryness and the mealy texture. The flavors mentioned above are all great. The more you eat, the greater the tendency to like them more. It can be difficult to get past the textural part at first. The taste is great.

Both sea salt and honey roasted flavors are great. For the sea salt flavor, you should eat one at a go and suck and savor the salty taste prior to chewing. The honey roasted flavored snacks are not excessively sweet as anticipated. Cinnamon maple is so far the favorite flavor for most people. This flavor is probably the sweetest and tastes more like a dessert snack.