Virgin Islands-based company Caribbean Rum Balls has announced a product recall for its “Rum Balls.” The “Rum Balls” are believed to contain undeclared allergens, which could cause allergy attacks to consumers with certain food sensitivities.

The specific undeclared ingredients are wheat, milk, sodium bisulfides (a preservative), coconut and eggs. The ingredients are considered as common food allergens. People who are allergic to any of these ingredients might suffer from an allergy attack from consumption of the rum balls. Common symptoms of an allergy attack include a runny nose or frequent sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, hives, swelling of the tongue and lips, vomiting, asthma attacks, and fever. In more severe cases of allergy attacks, anaphylaxis could occur. In very severe allergy attacks, anaphylaxis could lead to death. Thus, it is strongly advised for people who are allergic to a particular substance in the products to avoid consumption of any, or even having physical contact with them.

To date, there have no been no cases of allergy attacks reported that are related to the recalled product.

The alert, or recall, was initiated after it was found that the rum balls were distributed in a packaging that did not indicate the presence of the aforementioned ingredients. Investigation of the problem indicated that it the cause of the mislabeling was a short-term breakdown in the production, as well as the packaging process. Currently, all products are in the process of re-labeling. The new packaging indicates the presence of the said ingredients.

Consumers, who have concerns about the product, or the recall, can call Caribbean Rum Balls at 1-340-775-6616.