foodemporiumA&P is expected to make known an agreement to sell off its Food Emporium banner stores. The announcement would happen some time next week, according to sources. The 16 stores in Manhattan are anticipated to be offered to many bidders.

According to Crains New York Business in a report published last week, Angelo Gordon Supermarkets may be a likely buyer. The supermarkets are privately owned and also own Balducci’s chains and Kings Food. Located in Parsippany, New Jersey, Kings recently expanded into Connecticut and has plans to get into Manhattan as well.

A&P declined to make comments on details of the sale, though they did confirm that their Food Emporium banner was put up for sale last year. The chain of stores said that the banner had an urban footprint and therefore would be a more suitable if it were sold off to multiple prospective buyers.

The Food Emporium was originally a division of the company Shopwell Inc. and was acquired by A&P in 1986. The store has over 30 locations in Connecticut in Fairfield County; New York in Westchester County and Manhattan. Its New York locations were changed from their parent company’s A&P brand following a re-branding of stores as either Waldbaum’s or Food Emporium. Until the 1990s, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) had operated stores in Canada using its Food Emporium banner for their upscale division. The grocery stores are identified for the radio jingle “Someone made a store just for me.” A&P is one of the oldest grocery store chains in the U.S.