Earth FareThere was a recall announced about Earth Fare of North Carolina, for specific lots of its Spicy Bean Burger. The products were recalled because of a possible bacterial contamination.

The problem was discovered during a routine sampling done by the FDA. Results of the tests done on the samples showed that Salmonella was present in the finished product. The affected burger products have a UPC code of 8-78602-00518. The affected lot codes are 06711 and 05311. The affected product is packed in 10-oz. boxes labeled with the Earth Fare brand and the Spicy Bean Burger description.

It is important to take note that the recall applies only to the specific UPC code and lot codes indicated. Other veggie burgers from Earth Fare not bearing these codes are not included in the recall.

The salmonella bacteria causes serious food poisoning to people who have eaten foods contaminated by it. Sometimes, food poisoning caused by this bacteria causes death. The most common symptoms of this bacterial infection include fever, nausea, abdominal pains and in some cases, bloody diarrhea. When the salmonella bacteria penetrates the bloodstream, this can cause arterial infections, arthritis or endocarditis. No salmonella infection or other health emergencies were reported that are related to this recall.

The recalled spicy bean burgers were distributed to Earth Fare’s retail establishment in Ohio. All affected products have already been removed from display shelves and the FDA is still conducting its investigation of the problem.

Consumers who are in possession of the recalled product are advised to discard it or return it to the store for a refund. They may also call 828-281-4800 for recall-related inquiries.