SenecaSeneca Foods Corporation is a company known for producing and distributing low cost food products. The company is headquartered in New York, USA.

Seneca Foods Co. was started by Arthur Wolcott in 1949. A year after its foundation, Seneca Foods made a contract with the company Minute Maid in order to become a co-packer of its frozen juices within the country. Soon after, Seneca began bulk and industrial co-packing, as well as private label goods production. In the succeeding years, the company focused on fruit processing.

The 1960s was an eventful decade for the company. Seneca continued to grow and expand with the addition of several new products and processing facilities. It was also in this decade that the company’s name became Seneca Foods Corporation. Seneca Foods also introduced the Seneca® brand when it launched its frozen apple juice concentrate. The company opened its Prosser, Washington facility which was created for the purpose of producing applesauce and fruit juices. Seneca®’s first advertisement of frozen juice concentrates was also shown on national television in the same decade. The company’s apple juice, which was enriched with vitamin C, was introduced to the market.

During the 1970s, Seneca Foods was able to complete a number of acquisitions, contributing largely to its rapid diversification and growth. The company was able to acquire businesses from industries like food distribution, glass, textile, canned vegetables and paints. During this decade, the name of Seneca Foods’ was changed to S.S. Pierce Co. when it started to produce metal cans.

In the 1980s, the company’s name was switched again to Seneca Foods Corp. Afterwards, it combined a majority of its non-food businesses and decided to focus on fruit line and vegetables. In the same decade, the company expanded its product line by adding its cranberry blends, white grape and cranberry juices.

The 1990s was a decade of continued acquisitions for the company, and Seneca Foods became largest canned vegetables processing company in the world.

Currently, Seneca Foods is still a leader in the industry of processed vegetables and fruits. Among the company’s products are bottled juice, snack chips, canned produce and frozen fruit products.

• Headquarters: Marion, New York
• Ownership Type: Public
• No. of Employees: 3000 (March 2011)
• Geography: USA
• Demography: consumers who prefer low-cost, good quality food products

Aside from its own retailer brand Seneca®, the company also produces food products under the labels Le Sueur® and Green Giant® (owned by General Mills).

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