Seneca FoodsSeneca Foods Co. launched its Portable Oatmeal product just this month. Labeled as Seneca Farms® Fruit and Oatmeal, this new product was created for the purpose of providing consumers with a convenient, yet healthy breakfast on-the-go.

A recent survey conducted suggested that most people skip breakfast primarily because they do not have the time to eat one. This survey was participated in by 4,349 people who are 18-years and older, which included 486 mothers. The survey was conducted online by service provider Harris Interactive for Seneca Foods.

Other results of the study include that more than half (67%) of adults consider breakfast as the most essential meal of the day and yet they still skip it. Almost half of the adult women who were surveyed reasoned that either they were too tired to prepare breakfast or they did not have time for it. More than half of the moms who were surveyed (almost 60%) also admit that their children have skipped breakfast sometimes. A majority of moms wish for their children to eat a nutritious breakfast.

With these, Seneca Foods came up with the perfect idea to create a nutritious breakfast meal and one that would not be time consuming to prepare. Seneca Farms® Oatmeal and Fruit contains a good amount of vitamin C, fiber and has no cholesterol or trans fat. What makes this product more attractive to consumers is its convenience. It does not require water or milk and only requires 45 seconds in the microwave oven and it’s ready to eat. It is also packed in microwaveable cups, so there would be no need to prepare additional food containers.

Seneca Farms® Fruit and Oatmeal is available in two flavors: Vanilla Peach and Apple Cinnamon. Retail price for is from $2.49 – $2.89 for every 2-cup pack.