Stop & Shop In the area of Quincy, Massachusetts, the local Shop & Stop store is currently making use of a high technology refrigeration system for some of its refrigerated products. This 38,000 square foot Stop & Shop store opened its doors to customers in December of last year and already it is implementing changes for the purpose of sustainability and high technology, which will both be beneficial to the business and its customers.

The advanced refrigeration system came from Hill Phoenix of Conyers, Georgia. It is composed of systems from Second Nature. These systems will be for use in low temperature, as well as medium temperature display racks. It will also be used in walk-in coolers.

The new refrigeration technology cuts the refrigerant charge of medium temperature coolers by 50 percent, as compared with using a standard refrigeration system that uses propylene glycol as coolant. With regard to its low temperature display racks and walk-in coolers, Shop & Stop has installed a system of direct-expansion cascading. This system of cascading makes use of carbon dioxide as its primary refrigerant. The cascade system uses the same compressor that is used to chill propylene glycol.

According to Cary Nix, the Stop & Shop store is the first to implement the technology of glycol-carbon dioxide in the state of Massachusetts. He also added that the new and advanced refrigeration technology fits into their goal of achieving and implementing sustainability in their business. Cary Nix is the manager for Engineering in the New York and New England Stop & Shop stores. Stop & Shop is an Ahold USA division.