BeerNowadays, a new type of beer consumers is slowly growing in number, those that are not so picky about the popularity of the brand of beer that they are drinking.

Beers that have catchy names like Port Republic, Game Day, Buck Range and Big Flats 1901 are all considered private label products. Private label products are those products that are owned and sold by the store. For instance, Port Republic is owned by Kroger, Game Day is owned by 7-Eleven, Buck Range is owned by SuperValu and Big Flats 1901 is owned by Walgreens. These beers are also popularly known as store brand beers. These beers were processed in basically the same facilities as those expensive popular national brands of beers, yet they offer more affordability to consumers.

Especially now that the country is still going through economic recovery and most consumers continue to be financially challenged, these store brand beers are the best alternative. The beers are made with the highest quality, yet sold with the lowest prices possible, allowing beer lovers to still enjoy their beer without spending too much. For instance, a pack of Buck Range containing 12 beers costs $5.99 and a can of Big Flats costs around .50 cents.

The tough economy has led retailers to push for selling more affordable, yet high-quality products to consumers. This is the reason that despite the lagging economy and the steady rise of national brands of beers, a new group of beer consumers have arisen, those that are always on the look out for great tasting, yet very affordable beer.