mixed berriesCostco, a warehouse store, recalled their frozen berries on the grounds that they could be the cause of Hepatitis A. The recall came a time when many were stressed and fearful of the vaccination process. George Bentley from La Puente, California, received a call from Costco that had worked fast to inform all customers who had bought the product since February. Bentley claimed that he appreciated the warning given by the berries retailer company, but at the same time was stressed by the potentiality that he could have contacted a virus that could cause further harm to his already compromised health.

Bentley is not only quadriplegic, but he also suffers from a neuromuscular diseases. Owed to his state of health, his priority is healthy nutrition and avoiding diseases by all means. The frozen berries caught his attention because the label noted that it was an antioxidant and organic in nature. He therefore knew that in order to help maintain healthy nutrition, he could blend the fruit servings for a smoothie for breakfast. According to Bentley’s interview with Food Safety News, he had been hospitalized in the past for stomach flu. Therefore, the notion of contracting Hepatitis A was extremely scary.

Several other customers expressed similar sentiments and most of them experienced paranoia and sleepless nights. Many feared that the virus could be spreading further as they waited for clinical test results. Some customers claimed not to have received a warning call from the retailer. This incident definitely poses a negative impact on Costco. Many clients bought the berries because they were labeled as having antioxidant properties and were organic. Learning that the berries could have had major implications on their health made them feel that Costco had betrayed their trust.