SuperValu Parked

SuperValu distributors is one the the largest distributors to grocery retailers in the United States. Supervalu operate six grocery retail banners across the midwest and east coast. The banners are Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Save-a-Lot, Shop n’ Save, and Shoppers. With the exception of Save-a-Lot,  the five other banners for Supervalu distributors have the same three savings opportunities and options for their buyers.

Each website has the same basic set-up, with the savings tab providing three options. The first chance to save is presented with a link to the weekly ads. The weekly ad provides a direct image of the circular and allows the customer to click any item, thereby adding it to the shopping list. This list is printable. The weekly ads show two options with dates ranging from a week to a week and a half in advance so that shoppers may know what will be going on sale.

The next option is coupons. The coupons page allows you to search fom coupons by keyword, or using coupon type and category. Each item listed shows a picture of the product, coupon expiration date, and what type of savings you will get (e.g. money off, buy one get one, etc). Each coupon can then be added to the shopping list and printed, along with any chosen in the weekly ad.

The third option is promotions and sweepstakes. Currently, this tab doesn’t show any running promotions or sweepstakes, but when there are specials going on they can be found here. This includes very reduced items for a limited time, or entries for give-a-ways and prizes.

Cub Foods, Farm Fresh and Hornbacher’s all have another saving opportunities through the members reward card. These cards allow the member to save on gas prices when reaching a certain amount spent in the specific retailer. The card also lets the member save coupons through the website that can be automatically deducted from the final tally on the register.

Save-a-Lot is the only banner that does not offer coupons or promotions. In addition to the weekly ad, save-a-lot offers a 10 for $10 program where you can pick up ten items for only ten dollars. Save-a-lot is is considered a high-quality discount grocery store, where the prices are a bit lower than the other banners belonging to SuperValu.

If you have had any experience with the savings programs of any SuperValu banners, please leave a comment below.