Like other grocery stores which have been receiving a flood of coupons from consumers striving to keep their grocery bills the at the lowest possible, Target has made its coupon policy more clear and less confusing.

According to the discount chain, making their coupon policy as clear and as detailed as they can will help implement consistency in terms of the customer’s shopping experience in all of its stores.

After the latest modifications, Target now has twenty rules regarding the coupons that will be accepted in the stores. Below are some of the stores rules regarding coupons.

  • The discount chain will continue to accept a combination of one coupon from Target and one manufacturer’s coupon. However, the store will not offer cash back or give a credit if the total worth of the combined coupons exceed the item’s value.
  • Internet coupons should have barcodes that are scan-able. Also, the store will not accept Internet coupons that will not require a consumer to purchase something.
  • The discount chain will only accept mobile coupons coming from its own service in which customers register at They can also register at the service by texting the word “COUPONS” and sending it to 827438.
  • The store will not be accepting coupons that have been copied, transferred, sold, scanned or altered.
  • BOGO, or buy one, take one, coupons should not be combined or else they will not be accepted by the store. Still on BOGO coupons, customers can use only one “cents-off” coupon. This combination can only be used on manufacturer BOGO coupons.

With these clarifications, Target hopes to make things more clear to both consumers and to the cashiers in the stores.