TescoTesco, one of the world’s largest retailers, has over 6,350 retail grocery stores in 12 different countries across the globe. With approximately 530,000 employees across the UK, the United States, Europe and Asia, Tesco is dedicated to helping their shoppers save big on anything from groceries to insurance and holidays. The main Tesco website shows the different options provided for the most savings. The main banner also provides links to the current promotion running, such as Back to School sale or Summer Wine sale.

Any customer can sign up for a Tesco clubcard by picking up an application in-store and then registering online or by mail. The clubcard works on a point system, where once you spend a certain amount of money you start receiving points. These points then allow you to save on future purchases. The clubcard also gives vouchers and c0upons. Clubcard perks are special offers and discounts on exclusive UK brands.

In store, Tesco has a program called “Price Promise.” This program is used to save shoppers money immediately at the register. Tesco scans and checks the price of every item in your basket against 3 other supermarkets, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. If your total shopping bill would have been cheaper at any of those stores, Tesco will give you a voucher for the difference (up to £10).

Another way Tesco allows their shoppers to save is through the Delivery Saver program. This option differs a bit in that it saves time as well as gas. Instead of driving to and from the grocery store spending gas and time walking around and in line, carrying heavy bags, you can start an online delivery plan. The plans you can choose from are monthly, offering anytime delivery or set-schedule delivery (day and time). You simply shop online for all your needs and Tesco will have a driver deliver them to your doorstep on the day and hour you chose.

Finally there is the opportunity to use the Tesco Compare program. The Tesco comparison website helps customers get comparison rates on insurance, loan rates, mortgage rates, utilities and even holidays. Tesco will help you find the right deal for you, and compare each policy by price and features.

If you have any experience with any of the savings programs Tesco offers, please leave a comment below.