couponsWhat is unknown to many is that grocery coupons can actually lessen one’s monthly grocery expenses by an average of 65% to 70%. The savings can also double if your local grocery store doubles the coupons. While this is a significant way of saving, where one can actually find these coupons is the commonly asked question.

The weekend papers, especially the Sunday paper, still remain the leading source of grocery coupons. One can get even more coupons by asking family and friends to share theirs, or even ask a friend at work to save his and bring them to you, assuming he is not using them himself.

The Internet has also become an excellent source of grocery coupons. Not long ago, websites were exploding with printable grocery coupons. Sites such as, Eat Better America and are just a few with printable coupons. The best part is that one is able to print numerous copies of these coupons. In most cases, they limit the printing to two coupons per computer, but you can use the computer at home, school or work to earn yourself many coupons.

The mail is also another source of grocery coupons. One can be amazed by how available the coupons are that come through the mail. The manufacturers themselves offer the coupon booklets and coupons via the mail. Through signing up with various big companies like Kraft, General Mills, Betty Crocker, etc., one can be regularly receiving coupons via the mailbox or email.

The decline in the economy has also created competition amongst the grocery stores prompting many grocery stores to offer store and manufacturers coupons in their circulars. One can then clip these coupons and save money.