Ice Cream TemptationsNestlé Global has recently introduced new additions to its ice cream line, the Ice Cream Temptations. The company predicts that these new ice cream products will make consumers raise the roof upon trying these flavors out.

Temptations ice creams are basically more improved versions of the company’s ice creams. All the ice cream ingredients are chosen for being the best there are. Nestlé guarantees that these new ice cream flavors will delight ice cream lovers, and even those non-ice cream lovers.

These new ice cream varieties are said to be creamier, fruitier and chunkier than the previous ice creams. Aside from that, the new ice cream products are packed in more attractive, reusable and microwavable containers.

Temptations Ice Cream is available in a number of varieties: Cookies and Cream Crave, Halo-halo Supreme, Double Dutch Desire, Rocky Road Extreme, Special Ube, Luscious Mango, Durian Delight and Very Strawberry, Creamy Vanilla and Super Mocha. Limited edition flavors are Brownie Nut Fudge and Choco Mallow. These new tempting ice cream snacks are available in 1.3-liter and 2.6-liter containers. The limited edition flavors are available in 800-ml and 1.3-liter containers. To guarantee its freshness, these containers are all tamper-evident.

Currently, Nestlé® Ice Cream Temptations are available in several countries in Asia, like Malaysia and the Philippines. These new ice cream varieties might be made available to other countries as well in the near future. Ice cream lovers in other parts of the world need not feel down, as Nestlé is and has always continued to deliver new and delicious ice cream products that people all over the world can enjoy.