Amys Kitchen

People are increasingly becoming more concerned about healthy living. Healthy living stems from making the right type of nutritional choices. GMOs have been criticized for their low nutritional value and adverse health implications that they pose to most of the consumers. The following brands have not only been able to provide some of the best non-GMO grocery foods, but they have also been involved in important courses, such as labeling of foods that are GMO.

Late July

This is not a very common brand because it is not found in most of the mainstream stores. Over time, the brand has managed to win over many people because of its dedication to the production of MSG-free snack chips. The Late July products have been proven to have remarkable recipes and taste. Some of their products include their Mild Green Mojo, and their Sweet Potato snack chips that are amazingly delicious.

Nature’s Path

This is among the most ethical, healthy and remarkable cereal company in the world. They have a proven track record in their campaign for GMO labeling. All their organic ingredients are known to provide delicious health foods. All of the cereals that are used by Natures Path are USDA organic. This means that you can walk into a store and buy any of the products produced by Natures Path without worrying about checking the ingredient label.

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen joins this list because of their contribution towards creating health awareness among health conscious consumers. Most of the products produced by Amy are usually labeled with words like, “No bioengineered ingredients” or “No added MSG.” This helps consumers in choosing the best type of products to fit their needs.