10813213074_b75f34ab86Tin Tin is a bakery in Westerly, Rhode Island, that is family owned and operated. The bakery is specifically located at an apartment building’s ground floor. When a customer opens the bakery’s outer door, he or she is welcomed by a perfume that is not only old-fashioned, but also sweet and yeasty. Inside the bakery, customers are sure to find a wide range of baked foods, some sweet, some savory and some familiar, arranged on shelves and tucked in cases made of sparkling glass. A notable feature about this family-owned bakery is the level of cleanliness. The bakery is extremely clean and has young employees dressed in clean, white hats and chef coats. Additionally, the employees are friendly and committed to responding to any questions or concerns raised by customers.

The staff also takes time to explain to customers the major differences between American and Asian sweets while giving them one sample after the other. A key difference between the baked goods offered at Tin Tin and those sold at other bakeries is the combination of traditional Chinese baked goods and American favorites. The sweets and cakes sold at Tin Tin are moist and light and a little sweet and include such Chinese favorites as Red Bean Buns and American New York Cheesecake. The cookies can be said to be delicately sweetened. A rich and sweet dough is used for making buns, even the savory buns. Ham and Scallion buns are made of generous amounts of sautéed scallions and buttery ham, which are thoroughly twisted and kneaded into the dough. Tin Tin is evidently a place that you should try out for unique baked goods.