Because of the popularity of TLC’s reality program ‘Extreme Couponing,’ more and more households are becoming interested at trying out this money saving strategy. Here are a few things extreme couponers do that help them save a lot of money on their grocery bills.

Most extreme couponers spend about four to six hours every week just going through store circulars for coupons. After collecting, the rest of the time will be spent organizing them.

Extreme couponers buy only items that they have coupons for. Also, they buy 10 to 30 pieces of every item they have coupons for, that is why most of them have a stockpile of grocery goods at home.

Extreme couponers know how to match up coupons. Meaning, they use coupons along with on-sale items. That way, they get their goods almost for free. Also, take advantage of BOGO deals. For instance, if a cereal product is on a Buy One, Get One deal, use two coupons for each box of cereal.

Extreme couponers do not miss “ten for ten” deals. For instance, 10 pasta sauces are on sale for $10. A couponer has $.45 coupons and the grocery store doubles the coupon for $.90. She then uses 10 of the $.45 coupons and gets the pasta sauce for the smallest price possible.

Extreme couponers know their local store’s coupon policy and make the most out of it. They also look around for stores that offer the best prices. Lastly, extreme couponers always make sure to use their grocery store’s loyalty cards. These loyalty cards have always helped them save some money along with the grocery coupons they have collected.