Grocery CouponsTLC’s “Extreme Couponing” Reality TV Features a Family Saving $40,000 on Grocery Bills (279 words) The recent premiere of TLC’s reality television show “Extreme Couponing” featured different families who were considered experts when it comes to maximizing the use of grocery coupons and saving a significant amount of money.

According to website owner Nathan Engels, there is no need to pay for something in the future when it can be available free today. This he said in an interview he did with Engels and his wife started grocery shopping with coupons years before, when they were still deeply in debt and groceries were their second largest expense. Since then, Engels and his family have never stopped using coupons and it has never failed them, especially when they had their baby and needed baby grocery items. The economic crisis, Engels said, has not burdened them because of the stockpile of groceries that they have accumulated with their system of grocery shopping.

“Extreme Couponing” featured families who are able to save more than 90 percent of their grocery money just by using their grocery coupons. Among the featured families is the Ivanovsky Family, who has saved around $40,000 of grocery money because of the expert maximization of grocery coupons.

Because of their system of grocery shopping, the Ivanovsky family already has a stockpile of groceries which is enough to feed a small army for a long time. This stockpiling system has always worked for them though. Tiffany Ivanovsky, who works as a preschool director, said that they make use of grocery coupons in order to save their children from having to take student loans just to pay for college. Reference: Article source: