TNT Foods International is a family-owned and operated company engaged in the poultry business and headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

TNT Foods International was founded in the year 1990, its founders armed with a wealth of experience in the poultry business. Prior to the foundation of the company, the owners had been involved in the industry since 1969.

As a business that has been family-run since the beginning, TNT Foods prides itself on providing nothing less than the highest quality products and services. Over the years, TNT Foods has developed the reputation of being a company that excels in providing goods and service to the food service industry. Among the company’s customer base are the country’s leading grocery chains, wholesale companies, food retail companies, and independent grocery owners. For these customers, the company supplies a complete line of fresh and further processed poultry, as well as a several types of IQF products (poultry).

TNT Foods owns two facilities, one located in Brampton, Ontario and the other in Mississauga, Ontario. Its Brampton facility is considered the main office and headquarters and is also where fresh and further processing operations are done. Its facility in Mississauga is an IQF facility. Both facilities are federally inspected and HACCP-certified.

Among TNT Foods’ products are chicken breasts, chicken supreme, chicken wings, chicken strips, chicken burgers, and chicken nuggets. Its chicken breasts are either fresh or frozen and both are boneless and skinless. Consumers are assured that what they are getting is tender, lean, and trimmed chicken breast hand cut at its facilities. Because of its strict quality control system, not every chicken qualifies; those that have the finest portion-controlled meat are packed into TNT packaging. TNT Foods’ chicken wings are juicy and plump and are also hand cut from the company’s facilities. TNT Foods’ chicken wings are available frozen or fresh, flavoured or plain. TNT Foods’ chicken burger is lightly seasoned and breaded, resulting in a crispy chicken burger that satisfies every hungry mouth. These chicken burgers can be either deep-fried or oven-baked, whichever the consumer prefers. TNT Foods’ chicken strips are hand cut from the freshest muscle tenderloins, marinated, breaded lightly and pan-fried. These strips can also be oven-baked or deep-fried to a golden brown.

Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Foodservice operators, retail food consumers

TNT Foods

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