Toblerone is a popular chocolate brand worldwide. It is most noted for its prism or pyramid-like shape and is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world.


Toblerone’s story started in 1868 with the Tobler family owning a confectionery shop in Switzerland. Jean Tobler sold chocolate confectionery from his shop and it did not take long for his chocolate products to become popular. The demand for Tobler’s chocolates increased steadily and Tobler decided to put up his own chocolate factory. In 1899, Tobler’s factory was completed, which he named “Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie.”

In 1900, management of the chocolate business was handed over to Jean’s son, Theodor. Eight years later, together with his cousin Emil Baumann, Theodor Tobler was able to invent a one of a kind chocolate bar. They named this new product Toblerone and soon after it was introduced to the market, it became an instant hit. People were attracted to its unique recipe, its recognizable logo and its triangular shape.

In naming his new product, Theodor combined his last name and the word “Torrone,” which is Italian for nougat and honey. The brand Toblerone was trademarked at the Bern Federal Institute for Intellectual Property in the year 1909.

In 1969, the company introduced dark Toblerone, which is Toblerone made from dark chocolate. Four years later, white Toblerone was introduced, which is Toblerone made from white chocolate. For many years, Tobler’s company was independently owned until it entered into a merger with Suchard in 1970. Suchard and Tobler then merged with the Jacobs Coffee Co. in 1982. In 1990, Jacobs and Suchard was bought by Kraft, and the acquisition included Toblerone.

In 2007, Toblerone introduced a new variety to the market, the Fruit and Nut variety. This kind of Toblerone chocolate is made with honey, almond nougat, California juicy raisins and the finest milk from Switzerland. In 2008, Toblerone celebrated its 100 years of existence.

Today, the Toblerone brand and Toblerone chocolates can be found in a number of retail and specialty shops all over the world. These chocolates are one of the most popular confectionery products in duty-free shops. Today, the Toblerone product range includes Toblerone Milk, and Toblerone Tobelle, aside from the existing varieties like the Honeycomb Crisp, Dark, White and Fruit and Nut.

Headquarters: Cheltenham,UK
Ownership Type: subsidiary of Kraft Foods Inc.
Employees:  information not available
Geography: worldwide
Demography: retail chocolate consumers



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