With the popularity of couponing, many grocery shoppers are turning to the Internet to find the best deals possible for their local grocery stores. A number of websites have been created for the sole purpose of offering a variety of coupons and rewards programs that customers can make use of in order to save on their grocery bills. Below are a few of the top websites visited by consumers to get the coupons that they need.

Cellfire.com – This is a website that is easy to navigate, Consumers simply type in their zip code in order to be presented with deals and coupons that are available for that specific area. Customers enter information from their store loyalty cards and coupons can be saved directly into the card. As soon as the coupons are saved and the shopper uses the loyalty card at checkout, the savings will then be automatically deducted from the bill and printed on the receipt.

CouponCabin.com – This is another easy-to-navigate website. It also offers a wide variety of coupons for online shopping, as well as coupons exclusive to CouponCabin, and grocery coupons to print.

Coupons.com – This website is considered one of the earliest coupon provider websites. Coupons.com has already been serving shoppers for more than 10 years, yet it still is a leading website in providing great savings on restaurant chains, groceries, health and beauty products and more.

FreeShipping.org – What makes this website unique is that aside from having a lot of coupons, the deals that are offered at the site are all free from shipping costs.