TraderJoes_3In Dallas, Texas, residents are about to be given another option for grocery shopping in the next few months. This is because Trader Joe’s is planning to put up ten stores in the state, one of which will be situated in the Dallas area.

The ten new stores will be Trader Joe’s first stores in the state of Texas and the ones that will be put up in Dallas are said to be the first ones to be opened. Currently, the company is still looking for possible sites in Dallas, but has already expressed their excitement and eagerness to do business and serve the residents of Dallas and all other parts of Texas. Aside from possible locations within city limits, the company is also looking for possible locations in the suburbs.

Economist Mike Davis of Southern Methodist University said the coming of Trader Joe’s in Dallas is a positive thing. Trader Joe’s has been known for selling ‘designer food items’ at reasonable prices. According to Davis, the entry of Trader Joe’s in Dallas is proof that the city is growing. It also means that Dallas is prosperous, as Trader Joe’s has been known to cater to a higher-end customer base. Davis also added that Trader Joe’s once open for business in Dallas, will increase the competition between local grocery stores. With this, Davis said that grocery chains like Central Market and Whole Foods will likely lose a significant amount of customers once Trader Joe’s opens. Trader Joe’s will be able to draw in shoppers as it offers unique and interesting grocery items at reasonable prices.

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