Tree Top Inc. is a grower-owned beverage manufacturing company based in Washington state, US. The company’s primary product is apple juice while also producing other fruit juices, apple sauce, fruit puree and snacks.

The history of Tree Top Inc. begins in the late 1950s, when Bill Charbonneau relocated to Yakima Valley, Washington with his family and bought a manufacturing plant that produced apple juice. The apple juice made by Charbonneau became immensely popular. Apart from apple juice, the company also manufactured apple cider.  The name ‘Tree Top’ was selected for the brand by conducting a competition.

In order to supervise the production personally, Charbonneau set up an office in the production facility itself. The hand-picked apples were first pressed, and then the juice was extracted and placed in big tanks which hold up to 5,000 gallons of juice. Before packing the juice, Charbonneau tasted it to ensure its high quality.

He also built laboratories to test the quality of juice produced. This ensured that only high quality apple juice reached the consumers. In 1960, the company was acquired by a group of orchardists. Since then, it has been functioning as a grower-owned company. In 1963, the company started manufacturing apple juice concentrate in an attempt to provide the customers with better value. By 1968, it started making dried apple, and supplied it to all parts of the world. Cereal manufacturers in the country also started buying the dried apple, and the product soon started appearing in cake mixes and pastries as well.

Due to the increased popularity of natural and healthy foods, the company decided to sell unfiltered apple juice in 1970. The same year, it also started manufacturing apple cider concentrate. In 1976, the company introduced fruit blends such as pear and apple, and pear and grape. The introduction of the fruit blends was also a huge success. In 1998, Three Apple Blend reached the market and was a real hit among its customers. It also introduced fresh apple slices in 2001. In 2006, a new manufacturing plant with all the modern facilities was built in Selah, Washington. During the 1980s, it purchased many other fruit processing companies. In 2010, Tree Top, Inc. completed 50 years of service in the fruit processing industry.

Company headquarters: Selah, WA, USA
Ownership: Private
Number of manufacturing plants: 7
Annual revenue: More than $3 million
Geography: USA
Demography: Natural and Organic

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