Turkey Hill Dairy is an ice cream and dairy company owned by grocery giant Kroger. Its headquarters are located in Pennsylvania, USA.

Turkey Hill Dairy was founded in 1931, during the period of the Great Depression. At first, founder Armor Frey started selling milk contained in bottles to his neighbors using his sedan. Then Frey and his family were able to obtain a farm that named “Turkeyhill,” providing the inspiration for their product’s name.  After a few years, Frey’s milk route became too large for him to handle and so he sold the dairy to his sons Charles, Emerson and Glen in 1947.

In 1980, the dairy started making its first ice cream product, which was very well received by consumers in the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania. A year later, Turkey Hill began selling ice cream via independent stores in Philadelphia. The dairy then began expanding its operations into New Jersey and other East Coast locations. In 1985, Turkey Hill Dairy was sold to Dillons, a subsidiary of Kroger. By 2000, Turkey Hill’s products were being sold in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Currently, Turkey Hill’s products are now being sold in 45 states. The dairy produces more than a dozen flavors of regular ice cream, sugar-free ice cream, light ice cream and yogurt. There are also specialty ice cream products such as the “Philadelphia style” ice cream, the “stuff’d” ice creams and the limited edition flavors.

In 2007, Turkey Hill introduced its new soft ice cream and gelato product, which it names Duetto. A year after, the “Venice Ice” line was introduced to the market. Its main product is Italian ice. Turkey Hill Dairy is now considered as one of the leaders in ice cream production in the United States.

Aside from ice cream products, the company also makes fruit drinks and refrigerated iced teas. The dairy’s fluid milk is distributed to Lancaster County and Pennsylvania. Turkey Hill Dairy has also made partnerships with several food companies in order to make and distribute theme-flavored ice creams. These partner companies include Tasty Baking Company, St. John’s University and Snyder’s of Hanover.

Headquarters: Conestoga, Pennsylvania
Ownership Type: Private/ a subsidiary of Kroger
Employees: 650
Geography: USA
Demography: ice cream consumers, milk fluid consumers and retail beverage consumers

Phillies Graham®, Turkey Hill®, Stuff’d®, Venice™, Sherbet®

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