Turkey Hill stores were first opened in 1967 as Turkey Hill Minit Markets in Pennsylvania. The store was supposed to be a resource for marketing the dairy products of its sister company Turkey Hill Dairy.

Turkey Hill Dairy began in 1931 when a farmer, Armor Frey began to sell milk to his neighbors. As his small business grew he sold the dairy to his three sons in 1947. The company began making ice cream in 1980, which has grown over the decades to be a popular product in the U.S in over 25 stores. The name Turkey Hill was the name on the sheepskin deed to the farm and a nearby ridge the Turkey Hill Ridge named so by the Conestoga Indians because of the wild turkeys found on the ridge. The family retained the name and it has not changed since. The company is now a subsidiary of Kroger Co. as both the dairy and stores were sold to Dillons companies in 1985 as subsidiary of the Kroger Co.

Turkey Hill has over 250 stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Columbus and Indiana. Turkey Hill Dairy now produces a variety of ice cream flavors, frozen yogurt and gelato. Since 2000, Turkey Hill has been the country’s top-selling brand of refrigerated iced tea.

Turkey Hill’s 249th store, located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania opened in 1998 and was the first of its stores to open with a Food Service section. The store became the first company in Pennsylvania to operate a self-service gasoline section. Today more than three quarters of Turkey Hill stores have gas pumps. Other stores have car washes.