couponsTLC’s Extreme Couponing featured two expert couponers from two different states who can trim down their grocery bill from a thousand dollars to a few hundred dollars, and even less than that.

Arizona resident, Amber Flores, a self-confessed extreme shopper, is also an extreme couponer. Even though she has only been couponing for three months, Flores has already mastered the art and is saving a huge amount of money because of it. She has about 600 lbs. of frozen food in her two freezers and all of her food shelves are filled. The rest of her stockpile is stored in the garage and some in a closet. Flores estimates that her stockpile is worth at least $30,000. According to her, one of the greatest achievements that she has done so far is being able to feed all six people in her family with just $50 every week.

On the last grocery trip that Flores did with Extreme Couponing, her total bill was a whopping $1,512.80. However, after scanning all of her coupons, she ended up paying only $187.69, bringing with her 370 packs of noodles, 640 packs of candies, 170 cans of pet food and 500 bottles of sports drinks.

Another expert couponer is Amanda Owstrowski, of Ohio. She has been a repeat visitor in the show primarily because of the amazing savings that she gets by using her coupons. Owstrowski’s even more impressive stockpile is approximately worth $75,000. On her trip to the store with Extreme Couponing, she had to divide her purchases between seven registers just so the machines would not jam up. All in all, Owstrowski’s total bill came up to $1,958.90, but after scanning all coupons, she only paid $19.62.